Are daycare centers better than live-in childcare services

Parents want the best for their children therefore for most new parents; the decision of who should care for their children is difficult and stressful. There are 2 viable options for parents and they are daycare or getting a live-in nanny. While getting a live-in childcare provider sounds like a good option, it has its pros and cons. Having a live in nanny may have some benefits such as it can be structured around parents schedule, however, children miss out on interacting with their peers and it is much costlier. In most cases, professional and well-established day care is the best option for childcare. Both options have their benefits, but it is very crucial to find a childcare place in which you are comfortable and where your kid will thrive.

Benefits of daycare programs

Daycare helps build social skills that can help your kid in school and throughout his or her life. It is also cost-effective. Here are some important things to consider when looking for good childcare.


Help build social skills

Daycare offers the benefit of socialization where children can learn and grow with other kids. Children develop good social skills through daily interactions and experiences with other kids in the daycare center. Kids are encouraged to socialize and interact with other children their age, which also helps them in developing their confidence.

Accreditations and provincial regulations

Daycare must adhere to provincial regulations regarding staffing, sanitization, space issues and safety. Ask about the center’s most recent provincial license and how long they have been running their centre?

Books, toys, and resources

Many daycare centers are equipped with a wide range of books, toys, play and game equipments. Daycare offers chances for creative play with art supply, dress-up outfits, building blocks and educational games. Most daycare centers also bring in people for extra activities like yoga and music. These items are included in your monthly or annual fee; hence you do not have to pay extra for the supplies.


The cost associated with sending your child to a daycare is more affordable that getting a live-in childcare provided or a nanny. The fee varies based on the type and location of the facility. Since the day care provides materials and has activities planned for your child which are covered by the daycare fees, you save money that would have to be spent to plan activities for your child if you were to keep the child at home with a nanny.  With new funding available daycare has become more affordable recently

Multiple teachers


Most daycare centers have great teachers who have been working with children for many years. These teachers are required to have adequate qualification and training in child development field. A team of teachers will supervise kids and create a relationship with more than one person.

When searching for a daycare for your child, there are a few things that can help you ascertain if it is the right fit for you and your child. Below are some things every great daycare has:

  • A caring, encouraging environment with happy children
  • Stellar reviews
  • Visually stimulating and appealing environment
  • An exciting and varied curriculum or schedule
  • Qualified caregivers who really care
  • Safety
  • Low kid-to-caregiver ratio and low employee turnover
  • Licensed establishment
  • Established policies and consistent rules


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