Our Policies

Nutrition Policy Summary

Food is one of the most important factors in a child’s development. STLDC is committed to promoting good nutrition and positive eating habits. Morning and afternoon snacks and lunch are provided daily along with milk or water. The cook prepares snacks and lunches and develops the weekly menu using the Canada Food Guide as a reference. We have no junk food operation at our daycare.

Child Guidance Policy Summary

We believe in using a positive approach to discipline and focus on preventative strategies. When adults need to intervene, situations will be used as learning opportunities for the child and will never take the form of punishment. Our goals are to help children learn self-regulation, positive pro-social skills, problem solving and conflict resolutions skills and an understanding of how their behavior and the choices they make affect themselves and others. Caregivers use many techniques to guide children’s behavior and assist children in developing pro-social skills. Methods used vary depending on children’s abilities and individual circumstances. All disciplinary action taken will be reasonable in the circumstances.

Child guidance methods are communicated to the parents in the Parent Handbook and are reviewed with families during the parent orientation. All staff members are required to read the Child Guidance Policy and procedures and the policy is reviewed with the staff as a part of the staff orientation process.