Edmonton Daycare Programs

Edmonton Child Care Programs

  • Infant (0 – 19 Months)

This is the most delicate stage in the child development, both physically and mentally. Therefore, it is important that very close attention is provided to the kids of this age group. To achieve this appropriate staff to children ratio is required during this period. This is also a fast growth phase, so the children in this group have very different needs. Some can walk, some can only stand, some babies sit and there are some who enjoy just lying on their back. But one thing is common thing among all the babies and that is their sense of observation. They all are keen observers of their surroundings. And if their surrounding is nourishing, they benefit from it. Our staff provides special attention to the interests and likes of children and design their daily routine based on their observations. They provide excellent nurturing environment to infants that helps them keeping calm, comfortable and well nourished.

  • Toddler (20 – 36 Months)

Toddlers are really quick learners, which is aided by their sharp memories and ability to associate. They are interested in games that can be played at individual level or with a partner. They also like to sing and dance. At this stage children also show keen interest in books and their environment. Their sensory abilities are fast developing and they are very curious. Our staff develop specific program to help them achieve their learning goals with weekly programming. This programming is done with keeping children’s interests in mind within the guidelines of the Alberta Curriculum framework. The centre facilitates various sensory based learning experiences with high quality learning equipment.

  • Pre-School (3 – 4 Years)

At this stage children switch gear to discovery mode. They ask lots of questions and start developing their own logics. They are more to take ownership of their action and creations. They are keen to undertake small projects. They show more interest in books their attention span increases that helps them to focus and learn new skills. This is also time for them to be potty trained. Our facility is equipped with kid sized toilets and sinks that helps them in their transition. Our staff work with parents to help ease the process of potty training. Therefore, our staff provide them with more verbal guidance to complete tasks that help them become more independent. Program planning by our staff is based on children interest and Alberta curriculum guidelines.

  • Pre-Kinder (4 – 6 Years)

Children at this stage of life are much organized. Their learning is more streamlined and they start to make informed choices. They are also preparing themselves to launch into new phase of life at school. They can hold conversation and articulate their ideas very well. They are more willing to work in a team and undertake more complex multistep projects. They have keen sense of memory and association. They also start to form friendships among their peers. Our staff design program keeping all these aspects in mind. Children interests are enhanced with positive feedbacks for staff through weekly curriculum-based programming. Fieldtrips are also a good and fun learning experience that we conduct on regular basis.


What Our Customers Say

We enrolled our son in this daycare in September 2013 and since then we have nothing but great things to say about this centre. Our son is so happy when we he’s there. To us, he seems to feel that he is with people that sincerely care about him and he is always very happy and smiling when I pick him up. Strathcona Tender Loving Daycare has incredible staff who are highly trained and very attentive. There is a board in each room where any parent can see for themselves the amounts their child ate, slept at naptime, and how many wet or dirty diapers there were during that day. Unfortunately, we have to take him out of the center for the winter months for we worry the walk will be too much for him and my 5 year old in the snow (we live about a 25 minute walk away and that is 25 minutes walking without kids) but I hope come spring they have available spots for I would love to get him right back in there again. I HIGHLY recommend this centre for any parent that wants to know their child is being cared for and is safe.

mikbrayshoe (from YP.ca)

After enrolling our two children with Strathcona Daycare we have realized that one should not settle for a regular dayhome.  The service this centre provide is just exceptional.  We are so happy to see our children being fed nutritious hot lunch every day.

andy (from YP.ca)