Field trips are good for child development

Field trips are an opportunity for a recreational, educational and hands-on enriching experience for growing children. Various different types of field trips provides a whole range of experiences, whether it is a theme-related field trip associated with subjects followed in daycare, an educational field trip showing kids how the real world operates, a personal field trip to a familiar business or person’s home, or just a fun-filled field trip to a kid’s favorite place, there are number of good reasons to go on a daycare field trip.

Field trip benefits

There are several benefits of daycare organized field trips:

  • Hands-on learning
  • Enriching cultural experiences
  • Opportunity to establish life skill and interpersonal skills discussed in daycare
  • A chance to use information learned in daycare
  • An improved motivation for learning
  • Learn about different subjects like literature, science, sports, and arts
  • Fun while learning
  • Interact as a group in a different environment, creating daycare bonding experience
  • Explore the rich resources of the community
  • Healthy physical activity


Field trip planning by good daycares

Meaningful field trips are planned beforehand with feedbacks from children, parents and staff.  Once a place is decided, the daycare staff discusses the upcoming trip with children and parents. They also discuss how they should conduct themselves in a social or public environment, safe conduct, importance of staying as a group, good manners, what to do in case of an emergency. Involving children in the planning process keeps them excited and helps them in becoming more responsible, lessons that are beneficial in real life.


Types of Field trips

There is a variety of field trips that are organized and here are some examples:

Local library

Organizing a visit to the local library, showing children how the system works can go a long way in developing enjoyable reading habits in children and get them excited about reading. By attending free movie day, story hour and sometimes library staff visits the daycare for in-house field trips. This promotes reading habits from an early age.


A tour to a museum is always an incredibly good educational field trip. Some museums provide opportunity for hands on experience where kids can touch, push, and turn buttons and handles are most popular. Most popular among children are planetariums, science museums etc. This gets them more involved and interested in science in general.


Some daycares organize regular in-house Yoga field trips with certified Yoga instructor. This helps children to develop self control, breathing techniques, relaxation and stretching.


Field trips to grocery stores or a local business may also be interesting for children. Children can get some ideas how business are run including selling, purchasing and handling of cash.

Walk in the neighborhood

Going for a walk with the daycare children is not only good for health, by getting the kids some physical activity but also promotes and enhances observation skills, which they engage in while on the walk. Discussions on nature, plants and trees help children in learning about their surroundings and environment. This is also the most frequently organized field trip

Find a childcare that plans educational field trips for children for children throughout the year. These field trips can go a long way in promoting a lot of skills in kids such as learning to work together in a group, following rules laid out by their childcare providers, observational skills and other skills that can help them in daily life.

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